Department of Defense Education Activity

SSU501SF: United States History 11 (4x4) (2023)

The United States History (semester) course is designed for students to study, in depth, the intersection of our history, our government, and our relationships with other governments and countries.  Students will study our history and government from our organization as colonies to our position in the modern global world.  Using primary and secondary sources  students will specifically study Unites States history and government through investigations of Colonial Foundations (1607-1763); Constitutional Foundations (1763-924); Expansion, Nationalism, and Sectionalism (900-965); Post-Civil War Era (965-1900); Industrialization and Urbanization (970-1920); The Rise of American Power (1080-1920); Poverty and Depression (1920-1939); World War II (1935-1945); Cold War (1945-1990); Social and Economic Changes/Domestic Issues (1945-present); and The United States in a Globalizing World (1990-present).

Course Note: This course satisfies the U.S. History (1 credit) graduation requirement.