Department of Defense Education Activity

SSW301: German History (2023)

The German History (year-long) course focuses on the development of German civilization, including philosophy and literature as well as politics and diplomacy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is an introduction to intellectual and cultural currents in German civilization from the Enlightenment to the present, emphasizing the arts in the context of history and philosophy from the late 18th century to around the mid-20th century. Readings include excerpts from such thinkers as Kant, Fichte, Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, as well as poetry and short fictional works by Heine, Junger, Remarque, Borchert, and others. A study of the impact of military defeat and economic crisis on the institutions, foreign and domestic politics, and society of modern Germany from the first World War to the reunified Germany of today is also included.

Course Note: This course fulfills the Social Studies Elective (.5) requirement.