SSW371: Global Studies 9 Honors (2019)

Global Studies 9 Honors (year long) offers highly motivated students the opportunity to engage in a rich analysis of world history, empowering them to foster and apply the growth of their intellectual potential.? Students will be guided to make independent meaning of world history concepts and connections to modern time.-á Ten unifying themes, serving to link the past to the present, are interwoven throughout the course to connect historical events and diverse cultures across the eastern and western hemispheres from 10,000 BCE to 1750 CE.? Themes are presented through the analysis of primary and secondary sources including historical artifacts, data, existing interpretations of historical narratives, visual arts, and literature.?Students will utilize college and career readiness skills that will allow them to present and support their own personal interpretations. By participating in project and inquiry based lessons, students will portray the roles of historians, geographers, and detectives of the past.

Course Note: This course satisfies the World History (1 credit) graduation requirement.