Department of Defense Education Activity

SSW4010T: Global Studies: 1750 CE - Present (2023)

The online Global Studies: 1750 CE - Present (year long) course engages students in the study of the world from 1750 to modern times. Students will investigate, compare and contrast arguments supporting and criticizing globalization; the tensions and conflicts between modernization and traditional culture and the impacts of different Nationalist movements on contemporary global relationships and geography. Students will explore the competition for power and ideological differences between the United States and the Soviet Union and the impact and influence of this on a global scale. Students will explore multinational treaties, the international court system, and violations of human rights for their historical context and impact on global relations. Students will specifically investigate the Age of Revolutions, Industrialism, and Empires (1750-1914); Crisis and Achievement in the 20th Century (1914-1945); Unresolved Global Conflict and the Cold War (1945-1991); Decolonization and Nationalism (1900-2000); Globalization and a Changing Global Environment (1990-present).

Course Note: This course satisfies the World History (1 credit) graduation requirement.