Department of Defense Education Activity

SSZ304: US Minorities I (2023)

The US Minorities I (semester) course is intended to give students a panoramic overview of the contemporary challenges surrounding inter/intra ethnic group relations in the United States. Students will be guided by the historical paths that have contributed to and in some measure, shaped the current conditions of ethnic minorities in the United States. Therefore, the course is grounded in a historical, theoretical, demographic and ultimately sociological examination of race and ethnic divisions in the United States. Attention is also given to the unique cultural and socio-psychological factors that are also involved in inter-ethnic group relations. The foundation for the course is laid by examining definitions of and theoretical approaches to race and ethnicity. As a result of this framework, the interplay of race and ethnicity in ongoing issues and debates such as immigration, educational achievement, labor market outcomes, neighborhoods and health will be explored.

Course Note: This course fulfills the Social Studies Elective (.5) requirement.