Department of Defense Education Activity

SSZ305: US Minorities II (2023)

The US Minorities II (semester) course provides a chronological study of African American History from earliest time to the present. It covers the relocation and integration of African Americans into mainstream American society. Students will learn about important leaders and issues that affect African Americans in America from past to present. Students also study the history and culture of African Americans emphasizing their contributions and roles in American History. It also celebrates the achievements of people of African descent in Africa while addressing their pursuit of justice, equality and self-determination. The course focuses on cultures, societies, histories and concerns of people of African descent in Africa including North America, the Caribbean and other parts of the world. It seeks to develop greater respect for scholarship as a tool for problem-solving and to prepare students to become agents of change who will pursue social justice and promote an appreciation of racial and cultural differences in the United States and the wider world.

Course Note: This course fulfills the Social Studies Elective (.5) requirement.