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Course Title:
AP Spanish Language (DL)
Meeting Times:
This course is a 36 week pr
ogram and meets according to the
local school schedule. Students engage in the
online class according to the same
academic calendar of their schools. A
dditionally, they can expect to spend
additional time on student activities such as reading, writing, researching,
practicing oral/aural communication and
completing assignments Some schools
may be on block scheduling meeting ev
ery other day for approximately 85
minutes and others may be on the daily
schedule of approximately 50 minute
time periods.
Course Description:
The AP Spanish Language Course is a college level
course, conducted primarily in Spanish that prepares student
s to communicate
proficiently through three modes: in
terpretive (receptive communication),
presentational (1-way productive comm
unication), and interpersonal (2-way
interactive communication). This course em
phasizes the five domains of learning
found in our Foreign Language Standar
ds: Communication, Cultures,
Connections, Comparisons, and Communiti
es. These 5 domains of learning
involve the skills of listening, speaking,
reading, writing, and
developing cultural
awareness appropriate to this
level of coursework. In
both writing and speaking,
students are using higher level analytical
thinking skills on a regular basis. This
course is open to all interested students with the expectation that they have a
solid knowledge of the Spanish language an
d Hispanic cultures through prior
appropriate sequence of study
or equivalent experience. The course uses
authentic materials and resources along with
the required text. The instructor has
read the most recent AP Span
ish Course Description and this course adheres to
the College Board Curricular Requirements.
The resources listed in this syllabus
are in accordance with those sugges
ted by the May 2007, May 2008 “AP
Spanish Language Course Description” as
found on the College Board website.
Students are required to take the AP S
panish Language Exam at the end of this
Course Purpose & Goals:
It is our mission that student
s achieve at high levels.
The Foreign Language Department int
ends to graduate students who are
linguistically proficient and cu
lturally competent in a 2
language. Successful
completion of AP Foreign Language course
work requires long-term study and
involves an intensity that significa
ntly advances student proficiency and
achievement in a foreign language. Students enrolling in this course should be
committed to this challenge. AP Spanish
Language is the equivalent to fifth and
sixth semester college work (3
year college) such as found in university level
Spanish Composition and Conversation course
s. By the end of this course, the
successful AP Spanish Language student will:
Demonstrate strong communicati
on skills (Pre-Advanced on ACTFL
scale) in the interpersonal, presen
tational, and interpretive modes
Demonstrate a strong command of
Spanish linguistic skills (Pre-
Advanced on ACTFL scale) to suppor
t communication (accuracy/fluency)
Comprehend Spanish (Advanced level
or above on ACTFL scale) that is
intended for native speakers in a variety of settings
Produce Spanish (Pre-Advanced on
ACTFL scale) comprehensible to
native speakers in a variety of settings
Acquire information from authentic sources in Spanish
Demonstrate an awareness of some cu
ltural perspectives, practices, and
products of Hispanic peoples.
Course Format and Policies:
Spanish Language is for students who wish
to develop strong proficiency and
integrate their language skills, using varied
and authentic materials. This class is
conducted in Spanish and is interactive
in nature with the expectation that
students will be actively involved in all
assignments and projec
ts. The online
courses have the same level of rigor
and adhere to the same standards set forth
by the school system and the College B
oard. To access all courses, students
need access to a computer and the Internet
via a web browser. All classes are
offered via the Blackboar
d Learning Manage
ment System
Weighted grades are
calculated for students completing the cour
se and taking the requi
site AP exam.
Grading Policy:
The grading policy for this course
is described below. Students
are expected to take the AP Exam. T
hose students who complete the course
and are tested on the AP exam will rece
ive a weighted final grade.
Unweighted scale A = 4 Weighted scale A = 5
Unweighted scale B = 3 Weighted scale B = 4
Unweighted scale C = 2 Weighted scale C = 2
Unweighted scale D = 1 Weighted scale D = 1
Unweighted scale F = 0 Weighted scale F = 0
Grade Point Value System Policy
A = 90–100% 4.0
B = 80–89% 3.0
C = 70–79% 2.0
D = 60–69% 1.0
F = 59% and below 0.0
The following texts and supplem
entary materials are used in AP
Spanish Language:
A) Required Texts: