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World Language - Adopted Materials

Course Title Publisher Copyright Year
Kindergarten FLES Comienzos Santillana USA  
First grade FLESCancionesSantillana USA 
Second Grade FLESAnimalesSantillana USA 
Third Grade FLESPersonasSantillana USA 
Fourth Grade FLESViajesSantillana USA 
Fifth/Sixth Grade FLESPuentesSantillana USA 
AP Chinese LanguageBeyond the Basics: Communicative Chinese
    Strive for a Five: AP Chinese Practice Tests
Cheng & Tsui
    Cheng & Tsui
AP French LangageT’es Branche? 4EMC Publishing2013
AP German Language   
AP Italian Languag & Culture   
AP Japanese Language   
AP Spanish LanguageAP Spanish
Vista Higher Learning
    Vista Higher Learning
AP Spanish Literature   
Arabic I   
Arabic II   
Arabic III   
Arabic IV   
Arabic V   
Arabic VI   
Chinese IIntegrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1Cheng & Tsui2008
Chinese IIIntegrated Chinese Level 1 Part 2Cheng & Tsui2008
Chinese IIIIntegrated Chinese Level 2 Part 1Cheng & Tsui2008
Chinese IVIntegrated Chinese Level 2 Part 2Cheng & Tsui2008
Chinese VBeyond the Basics: Communicative ChineseCheng & Tsui2008
Chinese VIReading into a New China Strive for a Five: AP Chinese Practice Tests Cheng & Tsui2009
French ID’Accord 1Vista Higher Learning2015
French IID’Accord 2Vista Higher Learning2015
French IIID’Accord 3Vista Higher Learning2015
French IVD’Accord 3Vista Higher Learning2015
French VT’es Branche? 4EMC Publishing2013
French VIAPprenonsWayside Publishing2013
German IMosaik 1Vista Higher Learning2013
German IIMosaik 2Vista Higher Learning2013
German IIIMosaik 3Vista Higher Learning2013
German IVAspekte 1Klett2007
German VAspekte 2Klett2012
German VINeue BlickwinkelVista Higher Learning2012
Italian I   
Italian II   
Italian III   
Italian IV   
Italian V   
Italian VI   
Japanese I   
Japanese II   
Japanese III   
Japanese IV   
Japanese V   
Japanese VI   
Korean I   
Korean II   
Korean III   
Korean IV   
Korean V   
Korean VI   
Spanish IDescubre 1Vista Higher Learning2014
Spanish IIDescubre 2Vista Higher Learning2014
Spanish IIIDescubre 3Vista Higher Learning2014
Spanish IVTejidosWayside Publishing2013
Spanish VImaginaVista Higher Learning2015
Turkish I   
Turkish II   
Turkish III   
Turkish IV   
Turkish V   
Turkish VI   

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