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Tutorial: Checkpoint 3

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Checkpoint 3: The identification process
  1. The Gifted Review Committee should be a standing committee at the local school.;
    True or False
    The correct response is true. The Gifted Review Committee has an important job that requires a level of expertise in understanding gifted students. Members must also be skilled in assessment strategies. Members who work together over a period of time begin to develop a professional strength as a group that enables them to develop expertise in this area.;

  2. A student transferring from another school must be reviewed by the Gifted Review Committee prior to receiving eligibility at the new school.;
    True or False
    The correct answer is; it depends. If a student is transferring from another DoDEA school, the child maintains automatic eligibility for gifted education services in the new school. If a student is transferring from a private or public school outside of DoDEA where he/she was already identified as receiving gifted services the Gifted Review Committee should quickly review the child's records and validate eligibility if the evidence so indicates.