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Tutorial: Module 2

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Module 2: What are the requirements of Regulation 2590

DoDEA Regulation 2590.1 - Programs for Gifted Students, requires all schools to use procedures for identification outlined in DoDEA Program Guide 2590.2 - Gifted Education Section I: Identification, Section II: Services

The identification procedures provide for student referrals through testing, nomination, or transfer. A significant element of the identification process is the concept that giftedness is not equated to a test score or a matrix score. No single measure or indicator may be used to find a child eligible or ineligible for gifted education services. Rather, students' areas of strength and accomplishment are reviewed through multiple measures.

The decision on eligibility or ineligibility is made by a local school Gifted Review Committee. The members of the committee base their decision on all available data related to the student who has been referred.

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has completed a set of standards for gifted education including identification. Read through these standards with two lenses: look for a match to our DoDEA procedures and current practices at your school. Consider ways in which you might promote exemplary implementation of these standards.