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Tutorial: Module 3

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Module 3: What are the procedures for identification of an individual student?

There are four steps in the identification process.

Step 1: A student is referred to the Gifted Review Committee.

A referral for a particular student may occur in one of three ways.

  • First, a student may be referred automatically because her/his test score results are so high that it is obvious the student should be considered by the Gifted Review Committee.
  • Second, someone who knows of the child's high potential or performance may complete a nomination. This is accomplished through a narrative and/or a rating scale presented to the chairperson of the Gifted Review Committee. The person nominating the student may be a teacher, a parent, a counselor, a school administrator, the student him/herself, or someone else who knows the child well.
  • Third, a student should be referred for immediate review by the Committee because he or she has transferred to the school with records indicating eligibility for gifted program services in another school (non-DoDEA). Students transferring from a DoDEA school automatically retain eligibility for the school year and should be provided services as soon as possible.

Step 2: Assessment is completed.

The Gifted Review Committee chairperson gathers sufficient information on the referred student to be able to provide the Gifted Review Committee with data for consideration. At times, there is sufficient information in the student's records. At other times it will be important to gather additional data from tests, anecdotal comments, rating scales, samples of work, observations, evidence of performances, and other items indicating the student's strengths. If the committee needs additional information the student will be monitored before any eligibility decisions are made.

Step 3: The Gifted Review Committee considers the data and makes an eligibility decision.

The Gifted Review Committee's members individually review the folder of information on a referred student. Members meet to form consensus on a professional decision on eligibility.

Step 4: The Gifted Review Committee recommends gifted education services.

Members of the Committee next decide what services will be recommended for the student in light of his/her strengths and the available services at the school.

Transfer Students

An important note on students transferring into a school:

  • If a student is coming from a DoDEA school and has been previously found eligible for gifted services, then the student continues to be eligible for services although the services may change from school to school
  • If a student is coming from a non-DoDEA school with evidence of identification for gifted education services in the last school, the Gifted Review Committee should immediately consider the evidence provided and come to an eligibility decision.
  • As students complete each school year, their eligibility status is reviewed by the Gifted Review Committee. Upon transitions from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school, school committees must consider students in relation to their needs and suggest possible services available at the receiving schools.