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Tutorial: Module 4

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Module 4: How does the Gifted Review Committee make decisions on eligibility?

The Gifted Review Committee consists of members of the school staff who are prepared to make eligibility decisions based on their knowledge of giftedness and the students being considered. Each school maintains a standing committee of at least three members.

Committee decisions on eligibility are made by consensus. The members of the committee are asked to review all the available data on each student who has been referred. Decisions on eligibility are not made based on cut-off scores or summed matrix scores. Rather, the professional judgment of the committee is the key factor in determining whether or not a child is found eligible for gifted education services.

The committee works with guidelines for decision making. These guidelines are useful in helping a committee recognize what is remarkable behavior for any given area such as an intelligence test score, a student performance, or a pattern of behaviors. The guidelines are not eligibility criteria, but rather helpful indicators for the decision-making process. In every case, the committee must consider a holistic view of the student's strengths.