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Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) has issued a policy for Gifted Education, Regulation 2590.1 that requires all schools to:

  • Identify students who may evidence giftedness in intellectual ability, academic performance, or the arts.
  • Provide differentiated learning experiences for identified students.

This Tutorial will help DoDEA educators become familiar with Gifted Education identification procedures.

Getting Around

The Doorway:
  • Description: Learn how to use this tutorial
  • Goals: Review the purpose of the tutorial
  • Resources: Find out where to get additional help

The Path:
  • Module 1: What is giftedness? Who are gifted students?
  • Module 2: What are the requirements of Regulation 2590.1?
  • Module 3: What is the identification process?
  • Module 4:  Who makes decisions on student eligibility for gifted education services?

The Destination:
  • Checkpoint 1: Check your understanding of giftedness and gifted students.
  • Checkpoint 2: Check what you know about the essential components of Regulation 2590.1.
  • Checkpoint 3: Check what you know about the steps in the identification process.
  • Checkpoint 4: Check what you know about the Gifted Review Committee's decision-making process.

Contact Information:

DoDEA Gifted Education Instructional Systems Specialist
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400