Department of Defense Education Activity

Diamond ES: Continuous School Improvement

Continuous School Improvement (CSI) is an ongoing process that helps schools focus their efforts in support of their mission and goals. Student performance and school/community data is analyzed and used to develop plans to ensure all students are learning and progressing toward achievement of academic standards.

The CSI Leadership Team meets on Thursdays. Parents are always welcome!

Goal 1: Students will improve in reading comprehension, through developing vocabulary, analyzing story structure, as well as analyzing text.

Essence: Students will learn to be a better readers.

Intervention: Students will use Guided Reading and graphic organizers.

Goal 2:  All students will improve their ability to solve math problems and explain their reasoning.

Essence: Students will learn to be better mathematicians, so they can communicate how they reach their answers.

Intervention: Students will use Math Talks to focus on operations, algebraic thinking, numbers and number sense.