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Model UN


J. Ramos
Brussels | February 20, 2018

| Photo: Ramos

In January, a group of high school students from Alconbury, Brussels, Lakenheath, SHAPE, and Spangdahlem participated in a week long MUN conference in The Hague, Netherlands along with thousands of other students from around the world. Our students represented the delegations of Gambia, Poland, Burkina Faso, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Tajikistan. THIMUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations which allows students to engage in topics and discussions similar to those in the United Nations agenda. The students spent 5 days participating in discussions, negotiations, and debates to create solutions to various problems in the world such as human rights, protection of the environment, disarmament, refugee issues, war and peace. The conference is a forum for students to see various world issues from the points of view of other students from around the world as well as getting a deeper insight into real problems of the world today. Our MUN school directors prepared the students well; it was evident in the students’ active participation in submitting resolutions and amendments-they were all eager in raising their placards.

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