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2012 Teacher of the Year

Mr. Tim Proskauer selected as the 2012 New York, Virginia, and Puerto Rico District Teacher of the Year.

| September 29, 2011

We are pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Tim Proskauer as the 2012 New York, Virginia, and Puerto Rico District Teacher of the Year. He is a sixth grade Social Studies teacher at Antilles Middle School located on Fort Buchanan Army Installation, Puerto Rico.

Mr. Proskauer is a knowledgeable, competent professional. He has a vested interest in students and views his teaching career as a mission to teach students what they need to know to move on in life. He supports the school in a teacher-leader position as the School Improvement Team' s Data representative . As the representative,he continually brings passion and intelligent insight to analyzing and making sense ofthe students ' data. His leadership and participation lead to the development of a school-wide database containing student achievement data. This database supports all teachers and students at his school.Mr. 

Proskauer inspires other people (peers, parents, coaches, teachers , and students) to give their best. He effectively communicates with everyone through technology and during daily instruction. He contributes to his community through his facilitation of student involvement in school and community based programs, such as the Boys Scouts and the Youth Activity Center. His efforts help students become aware of their value to the community and the world.

As the New York, Virginia, Puerto Rico Teacher of the Year, Mr. Proskauer will admirably represent all district educators at the DoDEA-wide Teacher of the Year competition and the associated activities during 2012 . Please join me, in celebrating his achievement.

Mike Gould

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