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Heroes Teachers End Eagle Eye News with Creativity and Fun

Heroes ES
Camp Lejeune | June 15, 2018

Mr. Haley, Ms. Kim, Ms. Sermarini, Ms. Kohkemper, and Mr. Starrett get creative for Eagle Eye News
Mr. Haley, Ms. Kim, Ms. Sermarini, Ms. Kohkemper, and Mr. Starrett get creative for Eagle Eye News

Eagle Eye News, which debuted in November 2017, is a live-streamed broadcast that is aired on YouTube daily. Throughout the school year, every K-5 student who turned in a permission slip was featured on the news program. Each morning at 8:30, every classroom tuned in to hear about the date, weather and lunch choices, as well as upcoming events, school news, and of course, a joke for the day. Families were invited to watch from home, which afforded grandparents who lived in other states, as well as deployed parents to see their child in real time. In addition to the students who were in front of the camera, fifth graders rotated through every two weeks to work behind the scenes on the camera, teleprompter, and mixer. This daily routine was supervised by Mrs. Kim, educational technologist, and Mr. Haley, school counselor.

During the last two weeks of school, teachers and staff were asked to volunteer their time and energy to come up with a feature for Eagle Eye News. Everyone went above and beyond to create fun and entertaining segments for the students. They included how-tos, raps, songs, public service announcements, and scripted skits. Their creativity and effort were channeled into segments such as:

  • Bike Safety Rap by the Kindergarten team
  • Reread books by making up raps by Ms. Cassie, an educational aide
  • Beach Safety Tips by Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Thompson, and Ms. Daughtry
  • How to Make Harry Potter Slime by Ms. Jones and Ms. Kohkemper
  • Avoid the Summer Slide through Reading by Ms. Bean and Ms. Phillips
  • Einstein Raps about Exercising Your Brain by Ms. Mellon
  • How to do the Floss by Ms. Hunnicutt
  • Fun Summer Activities by Ms. Reed and Ms. Brown
  • What is Retirement? by Ms. Amabile and Ms. Daly
  • End of the Year Rap by the 2nd grade teachers

Check out Eagle Eye News' YouTube to see these videos and more!

Happy Summer, Eagles!

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