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Fort Knox -- Thackrey advances in youth contest

by Lynsie Dickerson

The Gold Standard
Fort Knox, KY | April 11, 2014

   Richard Thackrey, a senior at Fort Knox High School and member of the Devers Middle School and Teen Center Boys and Girls Club, was recently named the Kentucky Military Youth of the Year in a competition hosted by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Thackrey won the local Youth of the Year competition earlier this year, and will advance to the regional competition in Chicago this summer. 
   The Youth of the Year competition recognizes youth who have contributed to their community, school, family and local Boys and Girls Club and achieved academic success, all while overcoming obstacles in their lives. 
    "When (Thackrey) came to the center, he realized that he wasn't the person he thought he was," said Dwight Coble, Richard's mentor at Devers. "I wasn't one of those kids that had…family trouble or anything, so when I came here I came here thinking that I was OK, nothing was really wrong with me," said Thackrey, who began volunteering at Devers when he was in eighth grade. "I just came to help them out, but as time went on I realized that they were really there to help me; because I found out that I was really angry, a really depressed person, I was really stressed out, I didn't enjoy life. They made me realize this and then they helped me cope with it."

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