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Monarch Butterfly Habitat Signs

Students help butterflies and pollintators

West Point NY | June 13, 2019

| Photo: Dr. Kerns

New signs funded by the West Point PTO show planting areas for milkweed and wildflowers native to the Northeast.  Students planted seeds last year and again in May 2019 around West Point Elementary School.  In addition, a number of families in New Jersey have offered to dedicate sections of their yards to wildflower patches for monarch butterflies and other pollintators.  Milkweed is the only plant that Monarch caterpillars eat, so providing a food source for them is important.  In August of 2018, there were a number of Monarch caterpillars on the WPES plants.  Students hope that more milkweed plants result in more Monarch butterflies and caterpillars around WPES.

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