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Zama Middle High School students recreate famous paintings

Art is thriving in Rosa's Class

Zama Middle High School
Camp Zama US Army Base | May 6, 2020

A bar of soap, towels, tissue paper, a pair of pants, shorts and socks. Put them all together and what do you get? A recreation of Edvard Munch’s iconic painting, “The Scream.”

Surprised? So were we – but the resemblance is impressive!

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This recreation is just one example of student work from Ms. Lauren Rosa’s fine arts class at Zama Middle High School. Ms. Rosa crafted the assignment, which students completed at home in a virtual setting due to COVID-19, after seeing a trend on social media where people were recreating famous paintings using everyday household items.Click for a bigger view

“I did a little investigating and found that these recreations were at the request of the Getty Museum,” Rosa said.  “The museum made a call to people on quarantine/stay-at-home orders to go to the museum’s online gallery and choose a painting to recreate with household goods and post to their Instagram account.  Some of them were incredibly funny and very creative, so I thought it would be a great lesson for my painting class, while also addressing the DoDEA Visual Arts College and Career Readiness Standards relating to Create, Perform/Produce/Present, and Respond.”Click for bigger view

Students embraced the challenge, completing striking imitations of famous works of art – some even involved family members and pets on the project.

“My experience recreating the famous painting was great,” wrote Valerie, a student in Ms. Rosa’s class who recreated Rupert Bunny’s “Jeanne with her Terrier.” “I had fun, the only challenges I faced were my dog and the wind. My dog is a lot smaller than the dog in the painting, mostly because they are different breeds. But she constantly moved and look the other way.”

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Other students agreed that the assignment, while fun, was also challenging.

“Recreating ‘The Scream’ was much harder than I thought,” wrote Angela, another fine arts student. “When I came up with the idea, it seemed easy to do. But when I got to work, placing and folding the towels to perfectly line up with the real painting was almost impossible…This activity is 100 percent something I would again. Next time I would like to try being in the picture. It think I would create a much bigger challenge and spark more creativity.”

As part of the lesson, students also read articles about the museum's challenge and submitted written reflections.

“Overall, the students enjoyed the assignment and some went above and beyond with their recreations,” Rosa said. “I was blown away with the Zamazing outcomes.”

Click for a  larger view. You won't regret it. Really.

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