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Fort Benning showcases new McBride Elementary School

Bayonet & Saber
Fort Benning, GA | July 27, 2016

Thomas Brady, the Department of Defense Education Activity director, traveled to Fort Benning July 19 for a tour of McBride Elementary School, Benning's newest education facility, which will welcome its first class of students Aug. 4.

"This is like a homecoming for me. I'm surrounded by memories. I lived on Fort Benning for five years and to see the growth since then is wonderful," said Brady.

Brady explained that the design of the school goes along with the 21st century learning that is being implemented at DoDEA schools.

"Collaboration for teachers, project problem-solving for children through collaboration and the building supports that," he said.

"Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that a parent can make. So they need to come here and see this staff, the teachers and see the children getting involved with 21st century learning. It will open their eyes," Brady added.

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