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FKHS Chemistry: Electron Learning

by Michelle Dare

Chemistry Class
Fort Knox | December 12, 2018

Students in chemistry are learning about the electron. This exploratory, inquiry based lab utilizes the properties of electrons. As the electrons in ionic metal compounds are heated, they are excited to higher energy levels. When they return to their original energy level, they emit a photon of light. As each metal requires differing amounts of energy to be excited to the next energy level, the amount of energy differs as does the frequency and wavelength. Each unique color of light is connected to specific measurements that were explored in the following spectra lab. Once the conventions of the qualitative and quantitative nature of electron movement has been evaluated, students will then work on the corresponding electron configurations.


Standard: Ca: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how scientific inquiry and technological design, including mathematical analysis, can be used appropriately to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions.

Standard: Cb: Students will demonstrate an understanding of atomic structure and nuclear processes.

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