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QMHS MUN Attends Conference

N. Agila
Quantico | November 12, 2018

QMHS MUN students attend conference.
QMHS MUN students attend conference. | Photo: T. Martin

The Model United Nations class at Quantico High School - along with social studies teacher, Mrs. Martin, and parent chaperon, Mrs. Allen - traveled down to Williamsburg on October 9th. A two and a half hour drive by bus, these folks were enroute to a debate conference performed by high school students from across America, hosted by the University of William and Mary. At this debate conference, students are given the opportunity to simulate debates performed by United Nations. Three days were spent in and out of conferences, trying the area’s delicious food, as well bonding experiences that brought the class together.

Each student was placed in a committee - general, novice, specialty, or crisis. Prior to the trip, they spent class periods researching information about their committee in order to compose five page position papers they would use to present their ideas.

The first session was, in part, used as an introduction period for students who were new to the debate setting. After a brief synopsis of the topic that was to be discussed, the committee went straight into motioning for debates. On the first day, students spent two and a half hours expressing their strongest points and having their views and opinions heard. We had one day-long session; it was so fun, time seemed to fly by. In the middle of a heating debate, the dias had to nearly push students out of the room for lunch break.

The moments in between sessions were used for bonding between classmates. Even though we had the liberty to go off and explore on our own, the class seemed to have a strong nucleus that kept them together. Old bonds were strengthened and new bonds were made within the Quantico group. The fact that the people in attendance came from almost every inch of America added to the learning experience. This enriched each students appreciation of diversity found within America itself. One Quantico student, Mariah Ortegon, commented, “After experiencing WMHSMUN I realize there are a lot more perspectives in the world, not everything is black and white.”

Quantico MUN students attend Williamsburg conference.
Quantico MUN students attend Williamsburg conference. | Photo: T. Martin

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