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McBride Kicks off P.I.E.

by Adrienne Anderson

The Bayonet
Fort Benning, GA | October 16, 2012

Mcbride Elementary School celebrated — with songs and cheer — another Partners in Education year with their partner, the 192nd Infantry Brigade, Wednesday.

“The 192nd is responsible for training highly motivated, well-disciplined and values-led Soldiers,” said Margaret Koger, PIE coordinator and gifted education teacher. “Under the leadership of Col. (Ronald) Clark, these brave men and women demonstrate that same level of commitment to our partnership.”

The school, Koger said, was excited to begin another year with the 192nd. The partnership has won several awards over the past few years including Elementary Partnership of the Year and Special Projects Award.

“We know this is not your main mission so we appreciate you volunteering and spending time with us,” she said about the many hours the brigade’s Soldiers have dedicated to the school. “Each morning, when I drive to work, I pass a billboard and it’s a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and it states ‘Anyone can be great because anyone can serve.’ … Our partners are a true testament to that.”

Clark, the 192nd Infantry Brigade commander, was the guest speaker.

“It’s our honor to be a part of the best partnership around,” he said.

Clark said the students were VIPs and led the students in a chorus of “hooah’s!” to pump them up. The “hooah’s,” he said, were how the Soldiers felt when they were part of the school’s activities.

“And that’s how we feel when we are in your classrooms, when we are with you on the PT field, when we are here listening to the Patriot singers, when we’re with you in this partnership,” he said. “So whenever you see one of the 192nd Infantry Brigade Soldier’s in your classroom, what are you going to say?


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