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Alconbury Elementary School Community Celebrates Month of the Military Child with “Camp KUDOs

Kids Understanding Deployment Operations

Alconbury | April 20, 2017

Alconbury ES Students learn about deployments.

Alconbury ES Students learn about deployments. | Photo: Staff

WHY: April is the Month of the Military Child! One of our many ways of celebrating is with Operation Camp KUDOs to:
*To underscore the important role children play in the Armed Forces community by     
bringing awareness to staff and students (military and civilian) on what
deployment is and how its impact our families, school and community.  
*Build and strengthen our relationships with the school community
*Stimulate Career awareness to our students on a range of career fields: medical,  
Aviation, Fire, Security, etc.
WHO: Alconbury Elementary School,  RAF Alconbury' s Airman and Family Readiness Center, dozens of volunteers (both military and civilian), AFJROTC … with strong support from  command leadership.
WHAT:  To start it all off, each class was given a “Flight name”, starting with Alpha Flight.  Every 10 minutes, the flight commander, took their flight (students) to start the deployment process.  The children had plenty of hand-on opportunities to include:  shooting water out of a fire hose, trying on firefighter clothing, participating in a First Aid center and learning how a portable generator heats barracks.  In addition, they learned about how our security forces keep us safe, of course the siren and hand held speed checker was a big hit.  Indoors, the students moved from station to station, getting their dog tags, airline tickets, orders, dental checks, camouflage face painting and were issued military deployment gear such as backpacks/helmets.  They also learned about flying a military jet and the equipment worn by the pilots.  AFRC supplied every child in the school with a camouflage bag loaded down with deployment items.  At the end, the students did a fitness test, to include jumping jacks, drop and rolls, sit ups and an obstacle type course in order to make sure they were fit for deployment.  The fitness test was sponsored by base gym personnel, who did a great job!
This was a great day for the Alconbury Community.   Our children learned what their parents and their classmate’s parents go through to deploy.  It was a great way for a community, school and the military to come together and show children of deployed parents that they and their parents are special and we thank them for keeping the world a safer place.

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