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Elliott's Family Game Time!

Deb Walter
Laurel Bay | January 16, 2019

Family plays the game Sorry.
Family plays the game Sorry. | Photo: D. Walter

It was Family Game Night at Elliott Elementary School’s January Family Night.  The hosting staff invited families to put down the phones, tablets, video games, and TV remotes and pick up the dice, cards, puzzles, and timers. Families gathered around tables and the cafeteria floor and played interactive games together. From strategizing the best plan of action to assemble a floor puzzle to outwitting your opponent in the classic game of “UNO,” students and parents problem solved through playing a variety of games. Other stations included fine motor skills in the “Sneaky Squirrel” and “Jenga” as well as stations that exercised gross motor skills as in the “Jenga Giant” and the classic game of “Twister”. There were board games of strategy for many levels and games for visual memory and strategy throughout the evening. In addition, students participated in the “snow making” station that offered “family sensory play” and parents received take-home recipes for more fun activities fostering sensory play. Throughout the event the Elliott hosting staff underscored that research shows that playing games and creating things as a family has many benefits to child development. Some of these benefits include improvements in the areas of motor skills, problem solving, basic math skills, social skills, vocabulary, reading, parent-child relationships and overall emotional well-being. Staff members also provided articles on the use of screen time.  As families departed, the PTO provided snacks for the enthusiastic crowd.

completing a jigsaw puzzle
completing a jigsaw puzzle | Photo: D.Walter

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