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Jump Rope for Heart

Mr. Orlando Gonzalez
Aguadilla Puerto Rico | March 14, 2018

| Photo: Orlando Gonzalez

Ramey School Physical Education staff held its annual Jump Rope for

Heart fundraiser, an initiative sponsored by the American Heart Association,

on February 16th.   Over 80 elementary school and 18 high school National

Honor Society students collaborated to raise over $2,900.  During a

fun-filled, action-packed and challenging afternoon, students participated

in events such as jogging step (speed), jump rope sprint, jump rope

endurance challenge, creative routine, among others. Participants

re-energized during the exhausting event by consuming snacks and

refreshments provided by the Ramey School PTSO.  

Ramey School Art teacher, Darcy Desarden, organized the annual Jump

Rope and Hoops for Heart Art Exhibition at the gym. Event organizer, Ramey

School Physical Education teacher Jose Morales, was extremely pleased with

the turnout, support and funds raised. "I really didn't know how much we

would raise. We have been through so much this school year.  The entire

Ramey School community demonstrated how resilient we are by nearly matching

last year's totals".  The second leg of the fundraiser, Hoops for Heart,

will be held on Friday March 16th.  In HFH, middle and high school students

participate in basketball events such as free-throw, side-shot, spot shot,

knock-out and 3 vs 3. We appreciate your help and donations.  Go Ramey!!!

Jump for health

Jump For Health

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