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Spangdahlem High School Prom

Felicity Appiah
Spangdahlem AB | April 26, 2019

Students enjoying themselves at prom.
Students enjoying themselves at prom. | Photo: Beth Howard

This past Saturday, Spangdahlem High School threw their Enchanted Forest prom at Schloss Niederweis. Students first arrived in all their splendor at a courtyard which was filled with fresh spring grass. They took pictures of themselves, friends, and significant others. While walking into the decorative establishment, they were greeted warmly by the teachers and principals, who gave compliments on their fancy, elegant attire.

The colorful lights and lively music set the tone for the whole night. After the social hour, the dinner was set out. It consisted of aromatic vegetable lasagna, seasoned vegetables, steamy rice, roasted potatoes, tasy curry chicken, and succulent pork medallions. Once the students finished dining, they chose to either get down on the dance floor or continue their meal with dessert, which had many varieties of parfaits and mousse.

As soon as everyone got comfortable and into prom spirit, it was time for the royal court to be announced. Deon Montgomery and Chloe Smith won prince and princess for the juniors and Thomas Tefft and Makayla Winkler were crowned King and Queen for the seniors. They got their royal dance and soon the other students joined in and the party resumed. Everyone partied until the very last song ended. This prom was full of memories and it was the most perfect time.

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