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Antilles High School gets a Visit from Dr. Marsh

Dr. Marsh visits Antilles High School

Antilles High School
Fort Buchanan, PR | November 17, 2016

Dr. Marsh meets with AHS leadership
Dr. Marsh meets with AHS leadership | Photo: Yvonne Sanders

Dr. Marsh visit to Antilles High School (AHS) was met with the "Growth Mindset". Her meeting with the school's leadership, Dr. Whittle, Principal and Ms. King, Assistant Principal, included a timeline review of program initiatives from SY2013-2017.  Dr. Marsh was able to witness firsthand the successes surrounding the Master Schedule overhaul, the Program of Studies redesign with high impact visibility and flagship publication for stakeholders, and the course selection process done school-wide using Schoology to support accurate class placements. Also, Dr. Marsh got a taste of new start-up initiatives that included Dual Enrollment Program, Data Room development for Professional Learning Communities, and the Pirate Learning Academy.

Dr. Marsh's culminating event at AHS was one that whispers education but shouts leadership fun! She met with AHS student leadership team for a round table discussion about an array of topics generated by the students.  She may never know how this one meeting will impact the next generation of leaders; but impact it will. This activity was DoDEA's mission in action. Students were educated about leadership, engaged in the discussion, and empowered by the presentation of tips to help them succeed in a dynamic world.

Dr. Marsh is a true Antilles High School Pirate.

AHS Student Leadership meets with Dr. Marsh
AHS Student Leadership meets with Dr. Marsh | Photo: Yvonne Sanders

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