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QMHS AVID Students Participate in Financial Literacy

T. Honore
Quantico | May 16, 2017

Students have a culminating financial
Students have a culminating financial "Adulting" experience. | Photo: T. Honore

On May 16, 2017, the Quantico HS AVID class completed a year-long project on financial literacy with what the students called an "Adulting" Fair. Through a partnership with Marine FCU and QHS, the students spent the year learning about the financial basics needed in life. This included detailed learning about finding living accommodations, paying bills, check writing, credit, loans, car payments, salary and taxes. After research on college requirements, choosing careers and interviewing for jobs, the students were finally ready to graduate and take on their real-life responsibilities by attending their culminating event.

At the Fair, students learned about their new entry level incomes, post college, student loans and how to create a balanced budget by going through various stations where they had to make choices about where to live, transportation, meal plans, vacation and leisure time activities, trying to create a saving plan, life's miscellaneous mishaps that cause unexpected expenses, as well as the cost of acquiring spouses and children (child care). They learned a valuable lesson about "wants" vs. "needs" and how far a paycheck can really go in today's economy. There were many rich conversations about a new-found respect for all that their parents go through on a daily basis and how they really need to be prepared for life beyond college.

Students participate in a financial planning workshop.
Students participate in a financial planning workshop. | Photo: T. Honore

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