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Fort Campbell -- Barsanti Elementary School cleans up for recycle day

by Sharon Sanford, Dept of Public Works Enviromental Division

Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell, KY | November 20, 2012

  On Thursday, approximately 30 Student Council and Gifted Resource students from Barsanti Elementary School took part in "America Recycles Day" with the leadership of Sylvia Crawford. 
  The students selected an area across the street from their school in the Woodlands (Gardner) housing area that is equipped with a walking trail, and cleaned up unwanted disposed solid waste and recyclables. 
  The collection amounted to a 60-gallon bag of trash and a small bag of recyclable plastics and aluminum cans. The recyclables were turned into the Fort Campbell Convenience Center for processing – the money generated from the Convenience Center comes back to the installation benefiting the Soldiers, Families and community.

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