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Fort Campbell - Welcome to Gnash-ville

by Heather Clark, Courier Staff

Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell | December 6, 2012

  On a Friday afternoon, very close to the end of the school day, two students sit at a long table in the otherwise empty cafeteria at Fort Campbell's Wassom Middle School. They ignore the large piles of books in front of them and cast anxious glances toward the clock on the wall. 
  Though the scene may have looked like two kids in detention, willing their time in confinement to speed by, the reality was much more positive. The students, 12-year-old Olaf. B. Coleman and 11-year-old Carla Cavaco, were early arrivals to a special celebration, where an extra special visitor was expected. 
  The celebration was designed to shine recognition upon the students of Wassom who practiced good citizenship and followed classroom guidelines.

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