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Global Studies World Tour

Students Travel Around the World Virtually

Patricia Ortiz
Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico | March 15, 2018

Global Studies Students Travel the World Virtually
Global Studies Students Travel the World Virtually | Photo: Patricia Ortiz

On Thursday March 9, Antilles High School students from the Honors Global Studies 9 classes were fortunate to travel the world virtually with their hosts at Flower Mound High School outside of Dallas Texas. They shared their Hurricane Maria experiences with the students and learned what makes 9th graders stateside wonder about the hurricane phenomenon and its aftermath.

The Global Virtual Tour included stops on each of the seven continents; “hanging out” with our Flower Mound guides we met farmers in the fields in Scotland, dancers in Rhowanda, scientists in Antarctica, even a medical research director at a large research facility. AHS students came away with many thoughts about 21st learning and how they could adapt them here at AHS. We even got to hang out with our ET instructor TDY in North Carolina…a three way connect of technology, Texas, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and all with the click of a mouse.

Hands down it was a trip we will never forget and best of all we shared it with 57 of our friends. Maybe our world really is not such a big place after all!!

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