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Win or Lose, Athletes Unite through FCA

Lejeune High School club teaches sportsmanship and professionalism through faith

Camp Lejeune, NC | January 19, 2019

Lejeune High School club teaches sportsmanship and professionalism through faith

A group of students at Lejeune High School find that faith carries them through the struggles and successes of athletic competition.

The Lejeune High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets weekly, allowing students to grow their faith, make friends and perform acts of kindness.

Martin Schilling, a junior at LHS, was a part of a FCA at his old school and joined the FCA at LHS about a year ago.

“My dad is a (Navy) chaplain, and I viewed FCA as a way that I can have fellowship with other Christians,” Schilling said. “I can help other students grow as Christians and help myself grow as one, too. I made friends through this group and I offer my friends rides when they need one.”

Shannon White, a teacher at LHS, serves as the club advisor.

“Our goal is to share the light and truth of Jesus Christ to the students and athletes,” said White. “Students can have a place to share hope and help each other through our burdens and struggles. They can share their faith and the strength that comes with prayer. We do this through the athletes, but it is open to all students.”

The goal for the FCA at LHS is to expand the group’s message to the athletic field. Before and after games, athletes bond as one group.

“We have the group huddles on Wednesday mornings, but we are looking to expand to have the team huddles,” said White. “We are looking to have small groups on every team so we have opportunities within each team to pray before and after games along with doing Bible studies.”

White said the goal of the group is to increase membership and plan various activities.

“We are focusing on growing the group and having an opportunity for all students to come,” said White. “Even though we have been here for a while, it is still relatively new for a lot of these kids. We also want to reach out to the community, and the leadership team is working on reaching out to the coaches asking them how they can help.”

Noah Tungett, a junior at LHS, said FCA helps grow his professionalism — on the track and off.

“As an athlete, FCA helps with the background of God and faith,” said Tungett. “This club helps provide sportsmanship. It can help enhance my ability to perform better because I can be more grateful for what I have. I joined so I can be more open with people of similar mindset. My dad is a (Navy) chaplain, so he was trying to get me to join.”

Hannah Velarde, a junior at LHS and a member of the FCA leadership board, said her family’s tie to the Christian faith prompted her to join the club.

“My parents were the cause for me joining FCA, especially with my dad working as a (Navy) chaplain,” said Velarde. “When I first got into FCA, it was a big deal for me. It is the light in the darkness with all the negativity going on. Twice a week I go to FCA to make the rest of the week stay positive.”

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