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QMHS Sleeping Beauty Production

A. West
Quantico | May 22, 2019

The entire cast of Sleeping Beauty.
The entire cast of Sleeping Beauty. | Photo: A. West

Once Upon A Time, A Long, Long Time Ago... and so the story begins of fairies, a sleeping princess, a handsome prince, and an evil sorceress. The classical and timeless fairytale Sleeping Beauty came to life on the stage at Quantico Middle High School this week as over twenty-five middle and high school students participated in a one-hour performance. The production was unique in that it broke the fourth wall and encouraged audience participation. In addition, the play included several musical numbers in which the young actors and actresses exhibited their musical and dancing abilities.

Ms. West (the drama teacher and director of the production) had this to say: "I was really impressed with the professionalism of the students. They all grew tremendously in their confidence and ability to speak on stage and to listen to their fellow cast members. Working as an ensemble is not an easy task, and these students pulled it off." (The cast did receive a standing ovation the last night of their performance.) She went on to explain the importance of theater as it relates to 21st Century Skills. "I can't imagine a project-based learning assignment that hits upon the literacy shift of Speaking and Listening more than students participating in the theater arts. It's a natural fit as they have to work on enunciation, projection, and really listening to how others are delivering their lines so that they can produce an organic response."

King Alfred and King Edward during a musical number.
King Alfred and King Edward during a musical number. | Photo: A. West

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