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Fort Knox -- Knox Youth Gains Resilience

by Maureen Rose

The Gold Standard
Fort Knox, KY | December 6, 2013

  The Army's Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness is being met with success in many aspects of Soldiers' lives—personal and professional. However, the Fort Knox program has gone a step further by introducing the CSF2 training at the installation high school. Sport coaches have been using many of the performance enhancing skills of CSF2 with their teams for several years, primarily at the urging of coach Kip Rambo, who said it made sense to take advantage of the CSF2 trainers already available at Knox. The coach convinced the principal it shouldn't stop with the athletics.
  "If it's good for athletes, why wouldn't it be good for all our students—even those who don't participate in sports could benefit," Rambo said. 
   With the coach's persistence, Fort Knox High School principal Dr. Greg Mowen wondered if the program could be broadened further. As the staff was preparing for accreditation reviews, which is an intense time for them, Mowen said they seemed to be less than enthusiastic and he asked about training for the staff since he had heard so much (from Rambo) about the optimism instilled by the training. They contacted Moon Mullins, the CSF2 training center manager at Fort Knox, about sharing the training with the school's staff. The performance enhancement training began in the spring and resilience training was completed in the fall, so the entire staff completed the training this year. Since then, the CSF2 training has been provided to all ninth and tenth grade students in addition.

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