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Marshall ES students learn skill through apple lessons

Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell, KY | September 30, 2016

Little boy drawing

Second-grader Landon Dodds draws his favorite scene from the "Johnny Appleseed" story.
Photo by : Heather Huber

While many citizens mark the beginning of fall with pumpkins, Marshall Elementary School's second grade classes rolled in the season with apples.

After a week of apple-based studying, the students celebrated the official start of fall by weighing, measuring, graphing and crafting apples Friday afternoon.

"We thought this is the whole point of this open concept, to be working together. What a good experience for all the kids to meet all five of the teachers and work with different teachers," said Jacinda Lyon, second grade teacher. "And we all know they have friends in different classrooms, so it gives them the opportunity to be with the classmates they don't normally get to be with."

Over the course of the week, the students learned about the lifecycle of apples, apple tree seasons and Johnny Appleseed, an American pioneer who introduced apple trees across most of the Northeastern United States.

Friday morning began with the second graders visiting their classmates in the special education classroom to make apple pizzas.

"We've been learning all about apples as well. We've just been doing the same thing they have but on a modified and differentiated level," said Johnathan Willis, Marshall's special education teacher. "We were trying to think of different activities that would be fun. I have a full kitchen in my classroom, so I was like 'let's utilize that.'"

The teachers agreed that it would be a great opportunity for the second graders to visit their classmates in the special education classroom. Continue reading

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