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FALCON SPORTS: Teams kick off preseason at soccer camp

Jodi Camp Fort Campbell Courier Jul 26, 2018

Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell | July 26, 2018

The Fort Campbell High School Falcons and Lady Falcons soccer teams are kicking off the preseason at soccer camp.

The camp was hosted on post by UK Soccer, a Clarksville-based soccer training camp owned by Tony Sonnabend.

Michael Massie, a Fort Campbell High School alumnus, attended Sonnabend’s training camps as a Falcons player. When he became the boys coach at the beginning of this season he wanted to bring the camp back.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to work with another experienced coach and get more touches on the ball. When I was a player I benefited from it a lot that’s kind of why I wanted to bring it back,” Massie said. Sonnabend played soccer and coached professionally in England. He moved to the United States in 1999, and is certified by the UEFA, European Football’s Governing Body, and is a United States Soccer Federation Division 1 coach.

“He brings a lot to the table, he brings international players and coaches to help him do camps, that’s going to be very beneficial to these kids,” Massie said.

The soccer camp started Monday and ends Friday. The five-day event covers a different topic each day. On the first day players covered first touch and techniques, on day two they worked on passing and distribution of the ball. For the third day they practiced goal scoring, the fourth day covered defending and defending principles. The last day will be a recap on anything the players want to practice.

“Our goal is really that each kids has a good experience has a great time, that they learn something, but they learn it in an environment conducive to learning. It’s got to be fun as well,” Sonnabend said.

Michele Ellis, Lady Falcons coach, said Sonnabend brings 20 years of expertise to the team.

“He is implementing new skills that Coach Massie and I are not doing. When they’re at practice with Coach Massie and I it’s more business, we are there to learn – and Tony – his goal is to make it fun, for the team to be able to come together before the season starts,” Ellis said.

The players look forward to improving their skills and learning a new style of drill.

“I’m just wanting to work on my ball touches and get myself better in shape,” said Monroe Thomas, FCHS senior.

Thomas plans to use the skills he learns during camp to improve his ball touches.

Jhony Paniagua, FCHS junior, wants to better understand soccer fundamentals to progress into different positions.

Abigail Eastes, eighth grade, hopes to improve her speed and agility.

“I’m looking forward to learning new tricks.” Eastes said.

Ellis anticipates that the camp will bring the girls team members closer together, and help the players who are more advanced while teaching the newer players the basics.

“I’m hoping to gain that bonding and that experience of them playing together and learning a new foot skill or new drill that they will be able to implement in the game,” Ellis said.

Sonnabend said his camps are tailored to fit the team he is training. Using a system called Tech-Tac, he teaches the players a particular technical skill or set of skills in the morning and in the afternoon those skills are put to a practical application. The curriculum is based on the age and level of ability of the participants.

“This is going to help the boys and the girls get into the best shape for high school season as a team,” Sonnabend said.

The first soccer game for the Lady Falcons is 9:30 a.m. Aug. 4 against Calloway County High School. The first game for the Falcons is 5:30 p.m. Aug. 13 against Trigg County High School.

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