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43rd Annual Science Bowl

Mr. Braddock McFarland
Ramey Aguadilla, Puerto Rico | February 12, 2019

Our Ramey School Science Dream Team 2019
Our Ramey School Science Dream Team 2019 | Photo: Mr. McFarland

On Friday February 8th, I took four of Ramey School’s top science minds down to St. John’s School for the 43rd Annual Science Bowl competition. On the team this year we have: “The Ringer” Nicolas Proskauer. Typically swarmed by students and teachers alike upon entering St. John’s, all asking him to sign their Math Counts posters. Nico has the look of someone who’s been here before. Pushing through this crowd is “The Clutch” Paulo Martinez. His steel-eyed game face set at all times. He is known for maintaining composure under all circumstances. Next we have “The Truth” Delianne Ayala-Ramos, who seems to be laughing at something unknown to me. She has the look of a student wondering “How did I get into this mess?” Last we have….Where is James! Outside we have “The Outsider” James Lebron. I think he might be conducting some sort of urban flora diversity investigation. If it were up to him he’d be sitting in a field reading philosophy.


This is Ramey’s science Dream Team 2019. We competed against 14 other schools this year. The competition consists of questions covering biology, chemistry, and physics. There are 6 questions for each subject and the questions get progressively more difficult. My teams have improved each year I have attended this event and this year was no different. Our biggest improvement was in the area of physics where the team only missed 1 question out of the 6. This makes sense as all four of the students are currently enrolled in AP physics. Our area of concern is chemistry where the question tended to be out of our realm of understanding. Ramey is at a disadvantage in the science bowl competition. Being a small school we can only offer one AP science course per year. The schools we compete against are larger schools and therefore offer multiple AP science courses. This is a great advantage for them as the questions asked are all AP level questions. Regardless, we left in high spirits and are excited to continue the growth of our scientific minds.

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