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Dr. Shane Miramontez Selected as Instructional Systems Specialist for Autism

Pacific East District Office
Yokota AFB, Japan | August 30, 2019

Dr. Shane Miramontez, Instructional Systems Specialist for Autism
Dr. Shane Miramontez, Instructional Systems Specialist for Autism

Dr. Judith J. Allen, Pacific East Superintendent, is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Shane Miramontez as the Instructional Support Specialist (ISS) for Autism at the Pacific East District Office at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

Dr. Miramontez is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has worked with individuals with autism for 17 years. After beginning her career as a para-educator supporting a second grade student with ASD, Dr. Miramontez served as a graduate assistant for Project DATA (Developmentally Appropriate Treatment for Autism) at The Haring Center at the University of Washington. Upon earning her master’s degree in early childhood special education, she became head teacher for Project DATA before co-founding an ABA clinic for young children with autism in the Seattle area. She earned her Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Washington in 2012.

Dr. Miramontez’ most recent role prior to DODEA was as a Teaching Associate and Lead Practicum Supervisor for the Applied Behavior Analysis Program in the College of Education at UW, where she taught graduate and undergraduate courses in assessment, classroom management, autism, applied behavior analysis, and tiered instruction. Her educational interests include effective instructional practices for learners with autism, supporting students with ASD in social settings and community activities, and successful coaching and supervision strategies.

The daughter of a retired naval officer, Dr. Miramontez grew up on bases around the world but calls Seattle home and roots passionately for all Seattle sports teams. In addition to watching and playing soccer, Shane enjoys reading, traveling, drinking coffee and spending time with her two young children and husband.

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