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Gardens for Butterflies, Squirrels, and People at WPES

Students and teachers establish new garden beds

West Point ES News
West Point NY | October 16, 2020

| Photo: Kerns

Monarch butterflies and bees have been enjoying the wildflower beds planted around West Point Elementary School.  Monarch caterpillars have been eating the milkweed planted to support the lifecycle of the butterflies as they prepare for a return trip to Mexico.

Raised garden beds with corn, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, peas, beans, and kale have grown in their new settings. Over the summer, Sean Nestler, 4th Grade teacher and Sue Kerns, Educational technologist planted seeds and watered the gardens so that plants would be ready for students to harvest.  Students enjoyed eating  the vegetables, but it seems that one squirrel is a ravenous fan of the corn.  

A compost bed has been established between the elementary and middle schools.  Vegetable and fruit waste from student lunches is contributed to the compost pile.  Teachers and parents bring compost contributions from home.  This should provide nutrient rich soil to enrich the raised garden beds.  

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