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E.J. King HS

Homework Policy

General Guidelines

Homework assignments are given to reinforce skills taught in the classroom. Parents can help by providing a specific homework time and place with a minimum of interruptions and distractions. Parents can also assist students by helping them to organize their work using folders, spiral notebooks, memo pads, etc. When a student has difficulty with an assignment, parents should render assistance. Parents/students should contact the teacher, or counselor, if signs of frustration and failure occur. Teachers endeavor to modify homework to increase student success. If homework seems too difficult, please contact the teacher. Teachers will:

  1. Identify the degree to which homework affects the determination of a student's grades.
  2. Provide clear, concise directions for completion of homework assignments.
  3. Check homework for completeness and mastery of concepts as appropriate to the nature of the assignment and return to students.
  4. Inform parents of student performance and completion of homework assignments as appropriate.

Homework policy

Every student in grades 7- 12 who is making satisfactory grades according to ability should be spending an average of two hours per night on homework. Upper class students may average up to 3 hours a night. If there is not a specific written assignment due the next day in every subject, there are ongoing assignments of textbook reading, quarterly projects, library books, etc., on which students should work daily. It is recommended that if a student is not spending this time on homework, parents should begin a supervised mandatory study time at home particularly if a student has any grade below a "C." Parents may help students check the effects of study time by discussing the subject material, requesting the student explain the concept, and/or quizzing the student over notes and assignments. If parents are hearing "I don't have any homework," the above information should be discussed and, if necessary, a call to the school made for a teacher conference. A successful high school career depends on good study habits and routines. This calls for parent and teacher cooperation and constant monitoring by parents.

Honor Roll

Students who have achieved a 3.0 average or higher to be on the school's Honor Roll. One or more grades lower than a "C" will automatically eliminate students from honor roll consideration regardless of grade point average. Parental permission forms for publication are part of the registration paperwork and are signed one time to last your entire stay in Sasebo.

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