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Attendance Policy

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Video: Your presence in school is vital to your academic success....

Regular attendance is necessary for students to benefit from the educational process. All students enrolled in DoDDS schools must attend classes regularly and punctually in order to remain enrolled. DoD 1342.6-M-1 requires the installation commander to encourage all educable, eligible dependents who have not completed high school to attend either DoD dependents schools, a regular program of formal instruction in the local school system, to enroll in a tuition school, or to enroll in an independent study program by correspondence.

The Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan has established a base regulation on attendance (CFASINST 1755.1A), applicable to all SOFA status personnel in the Sasebo area. It has specific guidelines and requirements about enrollment in school and regular attendance at school.

The DoDDS educational program assumes that all students will attend school and classes regularly and punctually. Adherence to the school attendance policy is the responsibility of parents and students. Parents will be consistently and periodically informed of student absences. Regular attendance is a necessary component of success in any educational program.

Excused Absences

Excused absences must be documented in writing by parents. Phone calls must be followed with a written note explaining the absence. When a student has been absent from school for one or more periods, a note from the parent/sponsor is required. The note must fully explain the absence. The office will issue the student a RE-ADMIT SLIP. The student must bring the RE-ADMIT SLIP to each teacher whose class has been missed. The teacher will record the absence in his/her attendance record.

Even if a student does not have an absence note from the parents, a RE-ADMIT SLIP from the office is mandatory. A student will be given three (3) days, following return from absence, to bring an absence note. If the student has not brought in an absence note within three days, the student will be recorded as a truant. Absentees are responsible for work missed during their absence. The teacher reserves the right to award full credit for absences that may be deemed as unexcused (See Handbook for more details). A grade penalty for the "unexcused absence(s)" may be applied at the discretion of the teacher.

Students who do not attend school for a full day will not be allowed to participate or attend any school-sponsored event scheduled on that same day. This includes extra-curricular sports practices and activities. The principal must approve exceptions. A parent conference must be convened with the counselor, student, parent, and administrator for an exception. The principal makes the final approval in collaboration with the stakeholders.

Permission for Extended Excused Absences: Advanced permission may be granted for absences due to family trips or emergency leave by completing the "Request for Extended Excused Absence" form. If it is known the student will be absent for more than one day, the form is to be completed and signed by the sponsor. It is then signed by the students' teachers and submitted to administration. After reviewing the teachers' recommendations regarding the planned absences, final approval/disapproval is made by administration.

Unexcused Absences

Students who are absent are responsible and allowed to make-up work. Full credit for make-up work is allowed for excused absences. Examples of unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, truancy, oversleeping, missing the bus, modeling jobs, jobs at Huis Ten Bosch or any money-making activity, having car trouble, baby-sitting, seeing a friend off at the airport or unsanctioned "senior skip day." A note saying "PERSONAL" without an explanation will be considered unexcused. It is suggested that parents call the office prior to the absence, if possible, or prior to the student's return and explain the situation to help determine if the absence can be excused for full-credit on make-up assignments. Students with unexcused absences may be subject to a penalty at the discretion of the teacher's policy and school disciplinary action.

Meeting Returning Ships: Home-ported ships at Sasebo come and go several times during the year. Meeting the ship will normally be considered an unexcused absence. If the ship is gone for an extended period (2-3 months), meeting the ship may be considered an excused absence if approved in advance by school administration. Please check in advance.

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