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E.J. King HS

Student Transportation

The Student Transportation Office (STO) is dedicated to providing the community with safe school bus transportation services that are timely and comfortable. Highly trained and capable transportation specialists assist in overseeing the entire Pacific Region Student Transportation operation. We strive for continuous process improvement in all areas of our operation. If you need to register your children for bus service, have a bus transportation concern or question, please contact your school's STO.

School Bus Pass

What to Bring when Registering Student to Ride the School Bus

  1. Copy of completed school registration Form 600.
  2. The student must be present for the photograph.


Students are Expected to Walk to School or to a Bus Stop. The distance is measured in a straight line from the student's residence to the designated stop.

  • Elementary: No greater than 1 mile
  • Secondary: No greater than 1.5 miles.

Space Available

"Space Available Students" also fall into the "space available" category for student transportation.

School Zones

Transportation for Students Living Off Base:
Transportation is available for most off base housing areas around installations with schools, however before signing a lease on an off base house please check with the transportation office to ensure transportation is available in that area. If a family accepts housing outside of the approved commuting zone then the parents relinquish their student(s)' eligibility for bus transportation.

Lost and Found

If your child leaves something on the bus please call your local Student Transportation Office. All buses are checked for items left by the students after each trip. Items not claimed in a reasonable amount of time are turned into the Thrift Shop.

To Replace a Lost School Bus Pass please go to your local Transportation Offices and request a duplicate pass.

On & Around School Buses ...

Students Will:

  • Comply with the Behavior Standards for School Bus Students
  • Board and exit the bus in an orderly, safe manner
  • Present bus pass when boarding the bus and upon demand
  • Remain seated while on the bus
  • Talk with other passengers in a normal voice
  • Keep all parts of the body inside the bus windows
  • Keep aisles, steps, and empty seats free from obstruction
  • Remain fully and properly clothed
  • Treat the driver and fellow students with respect
  • Promptly comply with the bus driver's or monitor's instructions
  • Treat the bus and other private property with care

Students Will NOT:

  • Make excessive noise or play electronic equipment without earphones
  • Use or possess unacceptable items identified in the school Code of Conduct
  • Tamper with bus controls or emergency equipment
  • Get on or off the bus while the bus is in motion
  • Fight, push, shove, or trip other passengers
  • Put objects out of bus windows or hang out of windows
  • Engage in horseplay
  • Obstruct aisles, steps, or seats
  • Engage in public displays of affection
  • Eat, drink, or litter on the bus
  • Push while boarding or exiting the bus
  • Spit
  • Harass or interfere with other students
  • Disrespect, distract, or interfere with bus driver
  • Damage private property
  • Sit in the bus driver's seat
  • Open or try to open bus door
  • Throw or shoot objects inside or out of bus
  • Use profane or abusive language, or make obscene gestures



Student Transportation

Your Local School Transportation Office:

Sasebo Complex - STO Office Hours: Mon-Fri 0800 -1500
DSN: 252-8921
Local: 0956-60-8921
Schools Supported: PAC-East, Darby ES, Sasebo ES, E.J. King HS