Department of Defense Education Activity

Presently, a student must be in grades 9-12 to participate in any high school extracurricular activity. For athletic participation, a student must pass a pre-sports physical exam. Arrangements may be made by the school nurse for end of school year physicals to be administered to all prospective fall athletes. Students, who do not take advantage of the end of school year physical, will be responsible for securing their own physical during the summer or early during the fall semester. A physical examination form signed by a physician and a parental release must be on file at the office BEFORE tryouts, practice, or competition.

The following policy regarding academic performance applies to all extra-curricular activities, including athletics, M.U.N, Music, Drama, etc.

  • Students must maintain a minimum of 2.0 grade point average (GPA) to be and remain eligible for competition with no more than one "F".
  • All student grades are monitored on a weekly basis throughout the season.
  • Students who have been identified as having academic difficulty will be provided academic support services.
  • Grade checks are completed by 1600 hours every Tuesday the previous week that interscholastic programs are being held.
  • Students are ineligible from 0800 Wednesday through the following Wednesday at 0800 the week of the interscholastic program is being held.

Before becoming a participant in any extracurricular activity, a copy of the Extra Curricular Code shall be reviewed and signed by parents/guardians and students acknowledging they understand and agree with these policies. This shall be placed on file for future reference.

Total abstention from alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use will be strictly enforced. Participants found to be using any of these substances will be excluded from extra-curricular activities for the remainder of that sports/activity season. Additional disciplinary consequences may also apply if the use occurred during a school-sanctioned event. If the infraction occurs during the last two weeks of a sports/activity season, the student is also ineligible for the following sports/activity season. Offenders will forfeit the right to letter, if applicable, in that activity.

The following policies will govern absenteeism:
  • A student must have attended a full day of school on the day of/or the day before the practice, event or competition. Participants must return to school and may not be absent immediately after the day of an event or competition. Administration may waive this rule for a medical/dental appointment, driver's test, etc. Students who are absent due to illness the day prior to a holiday or weekend event may participate only with administrative approval.
  • If in school, the student is expected to attend any practice, rehearsal, and/or work sessions unless they personally have previously informed the coach/sponsor that they may be absent.
  • Unexcused absence may result in non-participation for the competition or event immediately following the absence. Repeated unexcused absence(s) may result in dismissal from the extracurricular activity for the remainder of the year.
  • Students who are suspended from school may not participate in any extracurricular event until the suspension ends.
  • All injuries, whether major or minor, will be reported immediately to a faculty sponsor. If any injury requires medical attention, a release form signed by a physician may be required before participation resumes.

If school uniforms and/or equipment are issued, they are to be returned in the same condition of issuance (normal wear and tear are expected). Replacement costs will be assessed for damaged or lost items. No exchange of uniforms/equipment is permitted without sponsor approval. Uniforms are to be worn only for competition, unless otherwise approved by the faculty sponsor.

The following policies will govern travel:
  • Only grades 9-12 are allowed to travel to athletic events and most other extra curricular activities. Travel will be governed by all DoDDS rules and regulations.
  • Sponsors shall send general information to all parents at least one week in advance of a trip.
  • If home stays are necessary, students are expected to be courteous, respectful and obey the host family.
  • Vandalism and/or criminal activity will not be tolerated and will result in school and base security disciplinary action.
  • Curfews will be in effect. Generally, that means 10:00 P.M. with lights out by 10:30 P.M.
  • Students will be respectful to, and cooperative with, all teachers, staff members, coaches, sponsors, chaperons and tournament officials.
  • Chaperones will have full authority to enforce rules, curfews, restrictions, etc., as they feel necessary to control and manage their supervisory responsibilities.
  • Violations of any stated rule while on trips will result not only in team/group disciplinary measures (including an early return to Sasebo), but they may also result in school discipline upon return, up to and including suspension from school or ineligibility from any travel opportunities the remainder of the year.
  • Travel squad size will be determined by administration based upon DoDDS practices and local fiscal considerations.

All co-curricular and extra-curricular activities sponsored and/or funded by DoDDS Pacific will be covered by the rules as outlined above.

A student may appeal any decision affecting participation in an extracurricular activity to the Extracurricular Eligibility Committee. The Committee will make a recommendation, based on its findings, to the principal for final authority on the matter. The Committee shall be composed of the assistant principal, two faculty advisors, two parents and a student.

Sponsors are responsible for the selection of participants. The sponsor or coach is responsible for enforcing the rules. The sponsor is also free to enact additional rules and guidelines, as they deem appropriate, for their team/group and the situation at hand. This may include, but is not limited to: conduct and behavior, dress, meeting and study session times, curfews, etc.

Parents are expected to support and help enforce these rules and standards. Questions concerning these policies should be discussed, in an appropriate conference situation, with the Extracurricular Eligibility Committee.

Students are responsible for obtaining assignments for the time they miss school and complete them while away. Tests should be made-up promptly. Please make arrangements with your teachers.