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Parent Corner


Edgren Middle/High School is always working on ways to improve communications among all stakeholders. One of those ways is the Edgren Calendar. Please visit our calendar on the school website by clicking on the calendar link on the left side of this page.  Edgren’s online calendar not only provides day-to-day schedule information, but also other important dates and events. When you click on an event on the calendar please click "more details" to see times, detailed schedules and locations.

Contacting a Teacher

Using your GradeSpeed parent account you can email a teacher by clicking on his/her name when viewing your child's grades. Please do not use the "NOTE" option as the notes do not go directly to the teacher. If you do not have a GradeSpeed parent account, please follow these instructions for creating one. GradeSpeed Parent Account Access Instructions

Alternatively, if you know the first and last name of your child's teacher, you can use the following format to email him/her:

School Advisory Council (SAC)


The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is comprised of parents, teachers, and other stakeholders who have a vested interest in quality education at Edgren Middle/High School. The committee's purpose is to review, formulate, and propose policies and programs affecting students and their education at Edgren Middle/High School.

Depending upon enrollment, SAC is made up of at least two elected parents and two elected teachers.

During School Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings, Edgren parents, faculty, staff, and students have the opportunity to present issues to the voting board members, who will discuss, vote, and act upon issues, as appropriate.

School Advisory Council Meetings

As stated in Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 1342.15,* "Every parent, teacher, sponsor, student, DoDDS administrator, and military commander shall share the responsibility to work collectively in supporting the schools, in enhancing programs, and improving not only the delivery of educational programs and support services to DoDDS students, but also the overall quality of life shared by all personnel in the American overseas communities, of which the schools are an integral part."

Areas of focus include:

  • School policies affecting students and parents.
  • Administrative procedures affecting students.
  • Instructional programs and educational resources within the school.
  • Allocation of resources within the school to achieve educational goals.
  • Pupil Services (health, special education, testing) evaluation.
  • Student standards of conduct and discipline.
  • Policies and standards of the dependents' education system related to the above.

If you have an issue involving an area of focus, please e-mail any SAC board member one week prior to the meeting. All issues falling under the responsibilities of SAC will be added to the agenda and presented at the meeting. Please remember that personnel issues are not addressed by SAC. Specific issues with personnel should be addressed individually with the teacher and the DoDEA chain of command.

Booster Club

The Edgren Booster Club meets on the first Friday of every month at 10AM. Meetings take place at T's Burritos.

The Edgren Booster Club is always looking for new members. To become a member, please complete the Membership Application and submit to the HS Main Office. Alternatively you can bring your completed application to the monthly meeting at T's Burritos.