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Edgren HS: Policies and Procedures

Edgren HS Student Handbook

Edgren High School students are persons of integrity.

We stand for that which is right.We commit ourselves to uphold the ideals of honor and loyaltyby refusing to betray the trust bestowed on us by our parents, friends and teachers.

We tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known.We do not lie, deceive, or evade the truth.

We embrace fairness in all our actions.We ensure that work submitted as our own is our own.We do not cheat or plagiarize.

We respect the property of others.We do not steal.

The Honor Code describes the standard of ethical behavior that all students should choose to live by. It provides a foundation for a way of life and for the development of self-respect and good character. It is the responsibility of every student to uphold the honor code and the good name of Robert D. Edgren High School.

It is DoDEA policy that students have the "right to a public education of high quality, including the opportunity to participate in activities," in accordance with Executive Order 13160, DoDEA Administrative Instruction (Al) 2500.14 and Department of Defense Instruction 1342.12, "without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or status as a parent." (DoDEA Al 2051.02, Section 4.a.l.,p.2.)

"It is DoDEA policy that a student with a disability, or who has a record of a disability, or is regarded as having a disability, shall not be excluded from participating in, or be denied the benefits of, any DoDEA education program or activity; or be subjected to discrimination based solely on a disability." (DoDEA Al 2500.14, Section 4.a., p.2.)


Office of DoDEA Policy

The Policy Team of OPLP administers and operates the DoDEA Issuance Program, the Issuance Focal Point Working Group, and facilitates DoD-level issuance coordination for DoDEA.

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