Department of Defense Education Activity

Selection Criteria

DoDEA Principal of the Year Candidate Selection Criteria

  1. Personal Excellence
    1. Models continuous professional growth
    2. Interacts with others professionally and tactfully
    3. Communicates effectively when speaking and writing
    4. Models values, beliefs, and attitudes that encourage others to higher levels of performance
  2. Collaborative Leadership
    1. Creates and fosters a school vision by involving staff, students,  parents, and community members through meaningful shared decision making
    2. Creates a culture in which staff members work together as a professional learning community to promote student learning
    3. Identifies and supports the development of potential and current school leaders
    4. Uses and promotes technology to interact with the school and school community, as well as address the unique learning needs of each student
  3. Instructional Leadership
    1. Implements and aligns practices and programs based on multiple sources of data to improve teaching and learning
    2. Supervises and supports teachers to maximize the learning opportunities for each student
    3. Identifies and evaluates curriculum, assessments, and teaching practices to maximize student performance and address individual learning needs
    4. Facilitates and maintains curricular and non-curricular programs that foster students’ academic and social success
    5. Supports teachers in meeting high standards through professional learning
  4. School Climate and Culture
    1. Establishes and maintains a school environment that reflects high expectations for students and staff members
    2. Creates a school climate that is warm, inviting, safe, and secure
    3. Provides equitable access and support needed for student success to all social, economic, and racial/ethnic groups
    4. Promotes positive relationships and personal connections between adults and students
    5. Regularly acknowledges the accomplishments of students, teachers, and school community members