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Military Student of the Year Award

Bahrain, TURKEY
Bahrain MHS | April 8, 2013

Military Child honored in Bahrain with Supt. Kent Worford, Me., Supt.

Military Child honored in Bahrain with Supt. Kent Worford, Me., Supt. | Photo: Jack Higbee

 It is true that Spring has finally arrived.  According to the calendar, Spring arrived on 21 March.  Indeed, on that day, even with the temperature hovering at 45 F, the sun was shining warmly and the sky was blue.  System-wide TerraNova testing ended then, too.  On 31 March, we put our clocks ahead by one hour, giving us more and much-welcomed daylight hours.  Outdoor sports are in full swing--baseball, softball, soccer, track and field events.  Troops are returning from downrange and are enjoying quality time with their families and friends.  Parents are continuing to volunteer in the classrooms and on study trips.  Counselors are working with students on their six-year plans and on next year's schedules.  These are busy times for us all and there are not many days left before another year will have passed and we will be facing summer holidays.  We have enjoyed many special events thus far this year.

But one of the most significant is the selection of one olf our own students, representing the Marine Corps, for the Annual Military Child of the Year Award.  Operation Homefront will present the Military Child of the Year Award to outstanding miliatary children who xdemnstrate resliency, leadership, and achievement.  This 5th Annual Award ceremony will take place on 11 April 2013 in Washington, D.C. at the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City.  In additiono the trip to our nation's capital, each recipient is awarded a laptop computer and a $5,000 cash prize.

Abigail Mary Rose Perdew, a 1th Grader at Barhrain MHS, is the Student Council President and Captain of the Cross-Country Team and Track and Filed Team.  She has maintaned a 4.1 GPA as a full International Baccalaurreate (IB) senior with Advanced Placement courses in Economics, Calculus, European History and Physics.  She has volunteered over 200 hours this year alone--including math tutoring.  As the President of Student 2 Student, she has seen the outreach of this group grow considerably in helping new students acclimate toe their new school and host country culture.  Linda Berger, the IB oordinator for Bahrain School, wrote "In  my nearly thirty years as a secondary school educator, I regard Abigail as one of my top studetns.  She is intelligent, talented, highly motivated, and poisitive.."  

Abigail has earned an appointment to the United States Naval Academy and plans to study development economics and Arabic.  She would like tow ork as an attache or Foreign Area Officer, and, in the long term, as a diplomat or candicate for public office.  Abiogail is the daughter of Jessica and Jason Perdew.

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