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DoDEA-Europe program showcases student art and literature

DoDEA Europe, Robert Purtiman
WIESBADEN, Germany | May 21, 2014

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In a ceremony today at the Wiesbaden High School library, Dr. Nancy Bresell, DoDEA-Europe director, officially launched the Illuminations website, an online student anthology that showcases student art and literature.

The event, which was streamed to more than 60 DoDEA-Europe schools, showcases some of the best works by the DoDEA-Europe students. Students from pre-school to 12th Grade can submit their work which will be vetted through a screening committee. Only those that are determined most worthy and publishable are included in the website.

“It is really incredible that we produced, with your work and efforts such a fabulous online student anthology of student creative production,” Dr. Bresell said to a crowd of Wiesbaden students. “I am amazed at the work on display here.”

This is the third year Illuminations has been published in this format. The digital format allows for art literature, music and student readings to be presented. One of the highlights of the site is the virtual 3D art gallery where visitors can browse through the works in six different rooms as if they were in an actual art gallery.

Additionally, the site has a built-in social media component where students can share their works via Facebook to their family and friends around the world.

Close to 1,000 original works from students are presented this year. Submissions are already being accepted for next year’s program.

“As the Director, it is so easy for me to support programs like this because it’s beneficial for our students and communities,” Dr. Bresell added. “I want to congratulate our students for their very fine efforts and want to thank our teachers and school administrators for their support of this project.

Visit the Illuminations website.

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